Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Burn Prevention Program Escalates!

December brings a busy month for Africa Burn Relief! While many people in the US are winding down for the holiday season we have kicked things up notch here in Nkhoma. With the help of friend and volunteer Sam Thompson, our burn prevention efforts have escalated to reach 6 rural villages and 4 schools. Sam is working with an amazing local drama group who work rurally to give health care messages to the neediest of Malawians.
Sam is concentrating his efforts on the education of parents and young children in an attempt to decrease the number of preventable burn injuries. The simple teaching concept of STOP-DROP-AND-ROLL, is a well known technique to put out a flame amongst our youngsters in the US. But here in Malawi this has never been heard of our taught by teachers.
Pictured a child proudly demonstrates his new learned skill of stop drop and roll, and some of the many children that Sam has reached with his prevention teachings and children's coloring book, Luka's Safety Adventure!

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