Sunday, December 12, 2010

Burn Survivor Pays It Forward

Pictured is one of my favorite programs offered at Nkhoma. Loyce stands and reads a burn prevention safety book in Chichewa to mothers and children staying at the Nkhoma Hospital. Loyce isn't a teacher, she's a burn survivor who lived through a 4th degree burn of her scalp when she fell into a cooking fire by her home while having a seizure. She spent 370 days in the hospital in 2006 and lives to tell her story of survival in the wards at Nkhoma Hospital.
Loyce visits the hospital once a month to provide the invaluable prevention education, and also stops by the pharmacy to pick up her epilepsy meds that are offered free of charge by ABR to prevent her any further injury by fire.

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  1. Great program and wonderful outcome! You are doing wonderful things Jenn but you are missed here at home too!