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This program pays for the related hospital fees for burn victims to alleviate financial burden from their families. Many patients will not even come to the hospital for fear that they cannot afford their care. Additionally, donations aid prevention programming for primary school children and Epilepsy Medication Compliance programming aimed to decrease severe burns that frequently occur during seizures.

The cost to fund a skin graft for one patient: $20
The cost to fund a reconstruction surgery for a disabling scar: $20
The cost to fund an average hospitalization for a patient: $100
The cost to fund needed items in our new burn ward (blankets, towels, baby baths, soap) $200
The cost to fund supplemental high protein foods (eggs, peanut butter, infant cereal) for inpatient burns for one month: 40$
The cost to fund burn medicated salves for 6 months: $300
The cost to fund an oxygen generator for the new burn ward: $750

Africa Burn Relief is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Donations can be sent to:
Africa Burn Relief
PO Box 45346
Phoenix, AZ 85064-5346

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  1. Jennifer:

    It is great to see that you and your husband are having a positive impact on the people of Malawi.

    Frank Embon
    DeSales University