Our Partner

Our partner, Nkhoma CCAP(Church of Central Africa Presbyterian)Hosptial, was founded approximately 100 years ago by a single missionary doctor. Today the hospital consists of a 220 bed facility, 10 health centers scattered through the central region of Malawi, and an on-site nursing school. It contains pediatric, surgical, general male and female wards, tb and maternity wards and an on-site eye hosptial. A future 6-bed burn unit is expected to be completed by November of 2010.
Nkhoma Hospital is situated 60 km (1hr drive)south of Malawi's capital, Lilongwe.
Yearly, the general hospital sees 30,000 outpatients, 12,000 people are admitted, 1500 persons are operated on, and 2000 deliveries are conducted.
Currently, approximately 65 burn patients are admitted per year. Acute and reconstruction surgeries are offered free of charge by our program.