Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prevention is the Best Treatment

60% of all patients we treat in Nkhoma are less than age 6. This disturbing figure calls for strategies to help prevent these burn injuries. Africa Burn Relief is working to target these children and their parents to help give them the education tools they need to think twice when kids are nearby when cooking or near heating fires. Fortunately, with the help of child psychologist, Dr. Rimmer and illustrator, Allyson Rimmer we have brought a culture appropriate and Chichewa translated children's prevention book to rural Nkhoma, Malawi. Luka's Safety Adventure is a coloring book that teaches Malawian children how to stay safe around environmental factors which they are most vulnerable to; fires, road accidents, and drownings.
Pictured is 6 yr old Tim with his book. As he is on bedrest after a recent surgery, he will need all the entertainment we can find to keep him in bed!

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