Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saving Baby Victor

Baby Victor, at the early age of 4 weeks, was being carried by his 6 year old brother, Tim, when he accidentally dropped his infant brother into a fire they were trying to stay warm by. Trying to save him from the flames, Tim and Victor both endured 3rd degree burns. Pictured is Baby Victor's wrapped legs and blistered feet. He has a long journey to recovery. He will require skin grafts, splinting, therapy, and proper nutrition. He will battle malaria, fevers, and infections during his foreseen 3 month stay. The boys parents will never be able to afford these hospital costs on 1$ per day salary.
These horrific stories are all too common in Malawi and moreover completely preventable. Because parents are often working outside the household or caring for the home, young siblings are often left to care for even younger siblings. It is not uncommon to see a 3 or 4 year old carrying an infant strapped to their backs while making long treks to gather water, firewood or food.
Very luckily, both boys, despite all odds against them, will have a good chance of healing due to ABR donors helping to supply exactly what they need. They will have clean dressings for their wounds, soap to be cleansed with, and trained staff who know how surgically care for their wounds.
It will take only $125 to pay for his hosptial costs and essentially save his life. ABR donor money will pay for his care and ensure he receives every chance for survival. Without this funding assistance, families of burn victims often flee the hospital in the middle of the night, fearing the fact they cannot pay for their child's care, ignorant that their child's life is at stake.

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