Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nkhoma Burn Ward Construction Quickly Progressing

Nkhoma Hospital will recieve its' first ever burn ward equipped with 8 beds, tub and shower rooms, dressing room and supply closet this November. This is a tremendous step in improving the overall burn care for burn victims. ABR is extremely grateful to Nkhoma Hospital and the Bosrand Malawi Work Team for making such a state-of-the-art unit possible in rural Malawi.
It is our desire and hope to find proper funding in the future to make this unit a center for burn reconstruction for central Malawi. To date no such facility exists. Currently our program does reach the immediate area surrounding the mission hospital to provide the reconstruction surgeries that burn patients need. Most of these patients are young children and without intervention would lead a disabled life. Additionally, a much larger population exists in the capital city and several surrounding district hospitals where patients have no place to turn to for specialized surgery.
In order to extend our services to a larger geographical area we will require partner organizations as collaborators and committed donors to assist with the needed funds to turn this into a reality.
The typical reconstruction surgery in our Malawi facility costs astonishingly only 20$ and total hospitalization cost of $125! Compare this with US pricing at $12,000 and $30-40k total stay.

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