Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ABR Seeks Directed Donor for Youngest At-Risk Burn Patient

Baby Victor, featured earlier in my blog, was severely burned at the young at of 4 weeks old. He is progressing in his healing process, which is miraculous to say the least. He has made it through some very difficult weeks. I have confidence that with one more surgery he will make it to proper wound healing.
The obstacle then becomes his function. Now at just 7 weeks old there is no way to tell if he will ever be able to walk correctly after such a devastating injury. It will take a year of intensive therapy, if not longer, to determine what function each of his disfigured feet and ankles he will have. Will his new grafted skin be able to stretch as he rapidly as he grows in infancy?
What he needs is the best chance possible to prevent him from a severe disablity. We are fortunate to have one Physical Therapy assistant at our hospital who can help rehabilitate young Victor over his critical year of recovery.
Although we never ask for a directed donor for a specific patient, baby Victor is the exception. He is the youngest and most severe burn in a infant ever treated in Nkhoma. He is highly at risk of severe handicap. I am seeking an interested donor to consider funding his transport to and from the hospital (30 minute minibus drive) twice a month for PT sessions. As a rule, ABR does not fund transport, but if an interested donor would agree to fund this piece of his critical rehab we would be most grateful. The cost of this transport, plus his PT sessions would cost about $25 per month.
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Updated: Aug, 24
Many thanks to the Orlowsky-Ferhat family for graciously meeting our request to fund Victor's burn rehabilitation for an entire year!

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  1. Jenn - Are there any resources that you would be interested in me sending from a therapy stand point? Handouts on ROM, ther ex, theraband? Let me know if you are interested and I will see what I can come up with. I love reading your blog and hearing your stories and we miss you terribly. I am so happy you are doing well! Take care :O)